Assisting clients to incubate early architectural design ideas

This website represents a journey of growth, focused on visioning architectural and interior design projects.

It is also aims to be a vehicle for early engagement with those seeking architectural visioning services, provided in a low-commitment stage initially, handled uniquely and dependent on the specific needs of the client.

Visualisation of both built and unbuilt architecture, commissioned or non-commissioned projects are utilised as the vehicles of exploration, targeting a fusion of traditional and digital (tradigital) media that best captures the spirit, emotion and mood of the architecture and the places we make. The graphics will evolve into selling the emotion of design first, with the reality of design following later.

Arqsys Architecture is a boutique architectural practice founded by Julius Arato in the fall of 2015. He started his career in Kenya in 1983 and worked for Symbion International on multiple commercial, medical and resort hotel oriented projects before starting Arqes Africa in 1993. He worked on multiple banking industry projects at Arqes Africa until he migrated to Australia in 2003. As a senior architect, he worked primarily on education-oriented projects for Mayoh Architects in Sydney until 2015 before starting Arqsys Architecture.


He is a B.Arch (Hons) graduate of Nairobi University (1983), has a post-graduate degree of Master of Applied Management (Architecture) from University of Newcastle and is currently pursuing a Master of Property at the University of Newcastle. He is a registered Architect in NSW.